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As we are getting ready for our 8th grader's graduation ceremony, I can't help but reflect back how much CCS has been part of our family's life especially our children's intellectual and spiritual growth.  I want to sincerely thank the CCS teachers, staff for making the past 9 years such a wonderful experience for our kids. 

We are excited to see our 8th grader enter high school soon as we also have a 11th grader who is doing well in high school (AP and honor classes) thanks to the great foundation for learning habits built at CCS.

We would like to leave this message for future parents who are researching for their kids' school just like we were 9+ years ago.

Mr. Albert Tan's Testimonial

Why CCS?

CCS is a more than a school. It's a close knit community between the teachers, staff, students and parents where we supported each other especially throughout the COVID-19 years.

Because of the strong adherence to the county health policy and implementation of well followed processes (daily morning temperature check, etc), CCS was able to open back up in-person learning consistently and earlier than other  schools in the area.

During this tough Covid period, the constant communication from the principal, VP and teachers have kept the parents informed while taking the parents input into planning out the school curriculums.

Founded on strong Christian values and rigorous academic disciplines while embracing a world-wide view of diverse cultures of our community, CCS is a great place to prepare our children to face their next challenge in high school, college and beyond.

Having just finish middle school with our 8th grader, we also really appreciate the dedication the teachers and coaches put into the sports and creative programs. It was great to witness the kids playing flag football and soccer on the new community-supported turf field with team spirit and enthusiasm after 1.5 years of no sport.

It was wonderful to see the school bring back the spring concert, play and musical this year. Your heart will melt too if you see those cute Kindergartners singing and dancing on stage.  

There are also spelling bee, math Olympics, speech meet, Odyssey of the Mind competitions where teachers, students and parents working together to bring the best out of our kids.

In summary, attending CCS has helped not only shaped our kids' academic future, it also help shape the whole-person intellectually and spiritually. Because of CCS, ours kids are ready to face the next challenges in school and in life.

Thank you CCS for cultivating the whole-person for our children. We look forward to continue to support and engage where we can even though the learning part of the journey is over for our kids here.

十年树木, 百年树人

灣區基督教學 (CCS) 是一所值得委託您孩子教育的學校

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