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CCS Middle School: vibrant, dynamic, alive with enthusiasm and a deep curiosity for the Lord and the world he has placed us in. Our students engage in a myriad of activities outside of the classroom, be they athletic, artistic, or service oriented.  Channeling their energy and pursuing their passions, CCS students aspire for compassion, resiliency and innovation.  Student-run clubs, music, drama and speech performances, math and science competitions, art festivals, sports teams, and mission trips, all mark the CCS Middle School experience as one that encourages student voice and presence in the greater community.


One size does not fit all, and one teaching method does not suit every student. Our teachers pay close attention and develop caring relationships with our students, allowing for the adaptation of curricula to meet the social, emotional, and educational needs of each child.  Every situation is an opportunity to learn, encourage, and grow as a student.  We welcome you to join us on this journey of cultivating compassion, resilience, and innovation within our youth. 


leadership skills for Life

Enriching Student Life

Whether on one of our eight sports teams, in a fine arts program, or serving the community, CCS middle school students discover their passions and enjoy a broad range of rewarding activities.

Exceptional Academic Outcomes

Our academics are rigorous, but small class sizes allow for individual attention. Test scores are consistently well above average, and students are well prepared for high school. 

Meaningful Community

Research demonstrates the value of continuity during the formative years. As students progress through the middle grades, they thrive as leaders in the school community. 


  • Chorale

  • Worship

  • Tone Chimes

  • Biz-Movie

  • Sewing

  • Public Speaking

  • Robotics

  • Leadership

  • Yearbook

  • Drama

  • Art



  • Middle Schools All Dayer

  • Camp del Oro

  • Washington DC- New York

  • Medieval Faire

  • Science and Engineering Fair

  • Mandarin Speech Contest

  • ACSI Spelling Bee

  • ACSI Math Olympics

  • Athletics


Parents and Students Love


  • Sense of sportsmanship and school spirit

  • After-school music program (woodwinds, strings, guitar, and orchestra)

  • Student Council and other leadership opportunities

  • Academic fairs, competitions, and bowls (spelling bee, math olympics, science fair, speech meet, science bowl, Odyssey of the Mind, and more)

  • Available high school courses

  • School spirit and community service projects



We invite you to head over to our admissions page to find out more information concerning the application process.


 We also encourage you to schedule a tour of our campus so that we can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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