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Tina McAdams

"We made the right choice in sending our 2 daughters to CCS!"

Petra Shelmire

"We thought that he might not fit in, but we were amazed on how everyone – from the administrative staff in the office, to the 6th grade teachers and the after-school care teachers embraced us and made us all feel welcome."

Will Kong

"When kids are struggling with subject matter, I've seen staff took time out to sit down with them after school or during teacher's break to offer assistance."

Albert Tan

As we are getting ready for our 8th grader's graduation ceremony, I can't help but reflect back how much CCS has been part of our family's life especially our children's intellectual and spiritual growth.  I want to sincerely thank the CCS teachers, staff for making the past 9 years such a wonderful experience for our kids.  

We are excited to see our 8th grader enter high school soon as we also have a 11th grader who is doing well in high school (AP and honor classes) thanks to the great foundation for learning habits built at CCS.

We would like to leave this message for future parents who are researching for their kids' school just like we were 9+ years ago.

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