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Whole Child Education- Throughout the formative years, CCS not only build strong academic foundations, they are equipped spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically for the journey ahead


Real- World Learning- Students enjoy multiple field trips each year, group projects, and a variety of enrichment courses. They also become proficient using technology in their learning in grade-level computer classes.


World Language Development- All students take Mandarin classes from kindergarten through fifth grade. They become speakers and annually compete in Mandarin speech contests.


In first grade at CCS, we build on the foundations learned in Kindergarten.  The children expand their outlook on life and strengthen their character.  

CCS First Grade offers opportunities to:

  • learn to work as teams to complement their learning.

  • learn how to become independent thinkers.

  • learn to embrace different cultures through their readings.

Special Events that add to the Fun and Festivities:

  • Hands-on science activities

  • Learning about different cultures

  • Fiesta Day which highlights what the students learn about Cinco de Mayo 

  • Writing to and receiving letters from the President of the United States

  • Museum and theatre field trips



In second grade at CCS, students continue in our strong academic culture but with even more emphasis on character development.  


Second grade students will:

  • learn to work independently.

  • learn to become critical thinkers, applying knowledge to real life.

  • show compassion to others outside their own world.

  • tell stories and discuss current events.


Second grade field trip and special events which add to the fun:

  • The Tech Museum 

  • Story Time Marathon 

  • Pioneer Day is a highlight of the second grade year during which students

  • experience the life of the early builders of America


In third grade at CCS, students continue in our strong academic culture but with more emphasis on character development.  Third grade is a pivotal year for students during which they are capable of developing much more independence and deeper critical thinking skills.  


Third grade students will:

  • learn to apply problem-solving skills in group work.

  • continue to develop oral language skills and discuss current events.

  • learn computer keyboarding.

  • Participate together in community and global service projects


Third grade field trip and special events which add to the fun:

  • A Pretend Sleepover

  • A safety talk from a California Highway Patrol Officer 

  • County Fair Day

  • Science and History related field trips

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Fourth grade is an exciting time of change and growth.  We focus on leading our students to be independent learners in preparation for Middle School.  


Fourth grade students will:

  • apply oral language skills in class presentations.

  • continue to learn technological skills and safe internet use.

  • provide supporting details that give proof and demonstrate higher level thinking as they justify their point of view

  • learn to prioritize and manage their schedule.


Fourth grade field trip and special events which add to the fun:

  • Field trip to a museum

  • Attending a local play

  • 4th and 5th grade musical


The highlight of the fourth grade year is our 3 day, 2 night camping trip to Coloma Outdoor Discovery School.  It is here that the students get to live the life of the 49ers during the Gold Rush.  This outdoor educational program is unparalleled in its ability to make history come alive!  The students make a personal connection with the facts they have read about by experiencing some of the activities of the gold miners (ie. gold panning, bartering, building a shelter).


At CCS, 5th grade is an exciting experience. Students will engage their minds through rigorous academic experiences and trips. We strive to maintain a learning environment that allows for a flourishing, independent mind.  


Fifth grade students will:

  • practice leadership skills

  • apply oral skills to give speeches and begin preparing to debate.

  • incorporate the use of technology into projects 


Fifth grade field trips and special events which add to the fun:

  • Walk Through the Revolution, an exciting living history event

  • Field trips to museums and science centers

  • Teaming-up with Kindergarten to write pen pal letters

  • 4th and 5th grade musical

  • Graduation ceremony and reception 

  • All-day graduation field trip, giving students their final send off into Middle School.


Parents and Students love...

  • Academic excursions that bring learning to life (Coloma Gold Rush Camp, Walk through the American Revolution, science and wildlife museums, theater performances, and more)

  • Art and music education

  • Advanced approach to academics

  • Community service opportunities

  • Educational support for learning differences

  • After school enrichment courses (flute, guitar, orchestra, chorale, drama, chess, karate, speech, science, and more)



We invite you to head over to our admissions page to find out more information concerning the application process.


 We also encourage you to schedule a tour of our campus so that we can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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