• Work in teams 

  • Become independent thinkers.

  • Embrace different cultures through their readings

First grade field trips and special events:​​

  • Fiesta Day: Cinco de Mayo 

  • Writing to and receiving letters from the President of the United States

  • Museum and theatre field trips


  • Learn to work independently

  • Learn to become critical thinkers

  • Tell stories and discuss current events

Second grade field trip and special events:

  • The Tech Museum 

  • Story Time Marathon

  • Pioneer Day: experience the life of the early builders of America


  • Apply problem-solving skills in group work

  • Critical thinking skills

  • Computer keyboarding

Third grade field trip and special events:

  • Pretend Sleepover

  • Safety talk from a CHP officer

  • County Fair Day


  • Technology skills and safe internet use

  • In class presentations​

  • Provide supporting details that give proof and demonstrate higher level thinking as they justify their point of view

  • Learn to prioritize and manage schedules

Fourth grade field trip and special events:

  • 3 day, 2 night camping trip to Coloma Outdoor Discovery School

  • Attending a local play 

  • 4th-5th Musical Performance


  • Leadership skills

  • In class speeches

  • Incorporating the use of technology into their school projects

Fifth grade field trips and special events:

  • Walk Through the Revolution

  • Kindergarten pen pal project

  • 4th-5th Musical Performance

  • All-day graduation field trip

  • Graduation ceremony and reception 


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