Middle School is a vibrant, dynamic community, alive with the palpable enthusiasm and curiosity of its student body.  Our students engage in a myriad of activities outside of the classroom, be they on the athletic field, artistic, or service-oriented.  Channeling their energy and pursuing their passions, CCS students become more themselves through a host of extracurricular activities, adding texture to the overall middle school experience.  Student-run clubs, music, drama and speech performances, math and science competitions, art festivals, sports teams, and mission trips, all mark the CCS experience as one that encourages student voice and presence in the greater community. The students leave CCS's Middle School exemplifying Christ-like compassion, resiliency, and innovative thinking  that prepares them for their next chapter in life- high school. 

Sixth Grade

As the first year of Middle School at CCS, sixth grade is a time of great change in the lives of young people physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.  Great care is given to help the students navigate these changes using scriptural principles, rigorous academics, social/emotional training, and structured social events.


  • Build an ancient Egyptian pyramid and create many ancient civilizations historical presentations

  • Read enriching books: Gilgamesh the Hero, Dragonwings, and The Bronze Bow

  • Apply the scientific method to conduct hands-on experiments

  • Learn how to type in Chinese

  • Technology and coding classes (Scratch and Python)

  • Advanced track math class (Pre-Algebra)


Special Events:

  • Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum - Take a field trip to see ancient Egyptian artifacts, a real mummy, and a replica of an ancient Egyptian tomb!

  • Passover Meal - Partake in a Passover meal and hear from a representative from Jesus for Jews!

  • Camp Del Oro - Attend 4 day/3 night outdoor education camp from a Christian perspective, activities include archery, ornithology, zip-lining, rock climbing, and building shelters.  Build friendships, bond with classmates, and learn teamwork and independence! 

  • Angel Island Immigration Station - Look back at historical events that connect with our literature through a trip to the Angel Island historic Immigration Station that took in immigrants from Asia in the early 1900’s.  

Meet The Sixth Grade Team


Miss Joyce Yuan

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6th Grade English, Math, and History Teacher


Mrs. Cindy Loh

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6th Grade Science Teacher


Mr. Joel Tambussi

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6th Grade Bible Teacher


Mrs. Catherine Tan

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6th Grade Mandarin Teacher


Mr. Dave Landis

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6th Grade Math Teacher

Seventh Grade

Seventh grade at CCS is a time of continued growth academically, physically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally.   Leadership skills are encouraged and practiced within the student body. 


  • Insightful writing, research skills, and critical thinking are taught and strengthened in both English and History.

  • The process of learning is emphasized more than the outcome.

  • The development of critical thinking, cooperation with peers, reading, and writing skills are major goals in all subjects.

  • Students are encouraged to learn through a number of activities such as group projects, historical re-enactments, and oral presentations.

  • Students grow in their technology and coding skills (Scratch and Python)

  • In Mandarin classes, students learn about and celebrate Chinese culture through songs, storytelling, writing projects, presentations, poems, holidays, and character writing.

Special Events:

  • Medieval Faire - A cross-curriculum event during which the students experience life during Medieval Days

  • Live Theatre Performance - A chance for students to experience live theatre and practice etiquette in society

  • Museum and Library Visits - A chance to see artifacts that will reinforce units of study as well as learn how to use the information available at the library

  • Save the Bay - A community service project

Meet The Seventh Grade Team


Mr. Joel Tambussi

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7th Grade History and Bible Teacher


Mrs. Tina Fung

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7th Grade English Teaacher


Mrs. Cindy Loh

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7th Grade Science Teacher


Mrs. Lucia Leung

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7th Grade Mandarin Teacher


Mr. Dave Landis

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7th Grade Math Teacher

Eighth Grade

CCS recognizes that 8th grade is an important transition year. Therefore, one of our main goals for 8th grade is to prepare students for the rigors of high school work. 


  • Students will focus on the skill of meaningful communication through their language arts classes as well as foreign language studies.

  • Scientific method is practiced in the study of physical science and preparation of science engineering projects.

  • Students thrive in the high school level math courses of Algebra 1 and Geometry.

  • Students review and work to master the skill needed to successfully access both fiction and non-fiction text.

  • Writing is deeply focused on good development of completed essays that communicate their ideas effectively.

  • Bible class focuses on practical application of biblical principles to daily life.


Special Events:

  • Alameda County Science Fair - Students showcase their understanding of the scientific method.

  • East Coast Trip - Students visit the east coast including our capital and other historical cities

  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - an end of the year trip to celebrate successfully completing middle school and 8th grade

  • Graduation - a special time to celebrate: includes a Graduation Banquet and the Graduation Ceremony

Meet The Eighth Grade Team


Mr. Brian Camburn

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8th Grade English, History, Bible, and Geometry Teacher


Mr. Dave Landis

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8th Grade Science Teacher


Mrs. Christine Yip

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8th Grade Math Teacher


Mrs. Sunny Guo

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8th Grade Mandarin Teacher

Elective Classes

Compulsory Classes: 6th Grade Study Skills & 7th Grade Health

STEM: Computer Applications, Computer Coding in Scratch and Python, and 21st Century Skills 

Visual Performing Arts: Fine Art, Drama, Public Speaking, Worship, Chorale, & Tone Chimes

Other courses offered: Biz World, Student Council Leadership, Cooking, Chinese Culture

Spiritual Life

Coastline Christian Schools is Christian in teaching.   

  • The Bible is filled with life-changing truth and principles and is the most influential piece of literature in all of history. Bible is taught 3 times a week in all grades 6th-8th, as well as being integrated throughout the curriculum. 

Middle School Chapel

  • Meets once a week

  • Middle School chaplain is BACBC’s youth pastor Toby Yuen

  • Special speakers are invited monthly

  • Goal is to inspire faith and help students to know God in a personal way

Small groups 

  • Gather weekly immediately following chapel time

  • Small groups of students meet for discussion of the chapel message, sharing, and mutual support

  • Time for prayer and life application

  • Service projects are done: beach clean-up, performances in senior centers, charity to homeless centers, and more

Annual Spring Mission Trip

  • Provide a week-long Christ-centered mission trip to help our students learn how to serve God, the community, and those in need. 

  • Empower every teenager to know God and be like Jesus in the ways He loved and served others. 

  • We aim to create experiences that will broaden perspectives, ignite passions, and inspire new pursuits to make an impact on the world.


  • 8 Different Sports 

  • Tryouts, Cut Policy, GPA Requirements (2.0)

  • Learn teamwork, leadership, self discipline, perseverance, unity, humility, problem solving, community

  • Physical and Mental aspects of the sport- skills, strategies

  • Athletic fees- $220 per season- primary source of funding


Fall Sports

Boys Flag Football

(Sep 2 - Oct 26)


Cross Country
(Sep 3– Nov 2)

Winter Sports

Nov 4 – Jan 19

Boys and Girls Basketball

Early Spring Sports

January 22- March 16

Girls Soccer and

Boys Volleyball

Late Spring Sports

March 18- May 18

Girls Volleyball and

Boys Soccer

Meet The Team


Mr. Clarence Poon

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Middle School PE and Athletics


Mr. Stephen Yuen

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Middle School Electives and Computer


Mr. Suk Chang Lee

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Middle School Music


Mrs.Christine Yip

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Middle School Music