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Last month was filled with competitions for CCS.

CCS hosted the ACSI District Spelling Bee last Friday in which over 200 students participated.

We had many students place in the top of their grade level!

1st Grade: Sophia Montesino (1st); Jayden Chow (4th); Jolyne Ho; Priscilla Vuu

2nd Grade: Ching Sum (Mabel) Zheng (2nd); Quinn Nguyen (4th); Yuna Chiu; Katelyn Vuu

3rd Grade: Priscila Ko (3rd); Chloe Chen; Silas Sue; Abraham Tu

4th Grade: Caleb Chang (1st); Vincy Chan; Ethan Wu; Jessica Yu

5th Grade: Abigail Yoon (1st); Elyanna Kwok (2nd); Janice Wong (4th); Natalie Mak

6th Grade: Abriel Yue (3rd); Brandon Chan

7th Grade: Johnathan Sutan (1st); Kaira Wu (3rd); Eric Kuang; Grace Zang

8th Grade: Hailey Lau (1st); Alan Lin (4th); Helen Chang; Kevin Straly

In addition, Upper Bee participants (grades 5-8) who placed in the top four of their grade level, qualified for the Championship round. The top four finishers of the Championship round qualify for the Regional Bee to be held in Pasadena in late February. We are happy to share that CCS students earned 3 of the 4 spots! They are Hailey Lau (1st), Abriel Yue (2nd) and Elyanna Kwok (3rd). Congratulations to all winners and participants!

CCS also hosted an in house geography bee. Congratulations to Abriel Yue (6th gr), Alan Lin (8th gr) and Elyanna Kwok (5th gr) for placing first, second and third respectively at our recent Geography Bee. By placing first, Abriel qualifies to test for the State Qualifier.

Finally, some of our middle schoolers participated in the Department of Energy Regional Science Bowl. The team competed hard and won 3 of the 5 matches.

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