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THANK YOU  for your generous support and prayers!  We had a goal of raising $200,000 for new carpet in our educational building and for tuition assistance. We raised a total of $73,978! We will be putting these funds raised towards installing new carpet in the educational building. We are so thankful for your support and God's blessings through this fundraising event! God is good!


We are still taking donations in hopes to eventually reach our original goal of $200,000. If you are interested in donating, please contact lisalovitt@ccs-rams.org.

Please see below for shout outs and sponsors who generously gave their time and resources to help make this event a success!

ramen fest sponsors

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Brian & Donna Low

Paul and Yvette Lau- 20th Anniversary

Edward Yue

Duane and Finley Lee

Wendy Fong

Robin & Becky Hom

Randall Yuen

Kathy & Tony Chan

David Schmelzinger

Happy Hai

Kaleb Yuen

Aiden Su

Lina Woo

Jim Ip

Gloria Ong

Bill and Nancy Tom

Can Chen

Marvin & Pamela Mah

Yvonne How

Stefanie Lu

Steve & Esther Quen

Janet Phung

Mandel & Elsie Yue

Frank & Doreen Lowe

Anthony Lau & Sasha Li

Janet Gee

Fei Fei Li

Harry & Susan Young

Peter Phung

York Sun

Eunice Edwards

Music Land School of Music

New Sang Chong Market

Angry Ramen

Gold Rush Getaways- Wendy Fong

In2florals Designs- Lina Woo

ramen fest

Dona Jeong
Caitlin Jeong
Christine Law
Thera Ng
Ethan Jeong
Jody Wong
Brandon Leung
Clarence Poon
Lisa Hum
Alvin Jeong

Kenny Jeong
Sandra Jeong 
Stephen Yuen

Nancy Tom 
Doran Lum
Joel Tambussi
Edward Yue
Susan Lai
Garrett Hall
Kevin Wong

Wenna Wong

Marjorie Chiu
Diana Camburn
Serena Low

Yvonne How
Yvonne Speros

Finley Lee
Wendy Chin
Cindy Loh
Conkyo Yue

Stacey Moy
Kenneth Chen
Kenji Lai
Peter Phan 
Joe Chang

Doris Hom

Julie Gullman

Sherry Wong

Lauren Wong

Harry Young

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ramen fest


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