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Petra Shelmire

"We just recently transitioned from the Alameda Unified School District to CCS and could not be any happier about this decision. At first, I was a bit worried, since both my husband and myself are from Europe and my son has some learning difficulties. We thought that he might not fit in, but we were amazed on how everyone – from the administrative staff in the office, to the 6th grade teachers and the after-school care teachers embraced us and made us all feel welcome.  We are so grateful to Mrs. Geer, the Educational Therapist, Mrs. Chiu, his Core teacher and his other 6th grade teachers that have gone more than the extra mile to support my son. It is a very hard road, when one has a child that is smart, but struggles with every day learning and organizational skills. I feel so grateful and blessed to be at this school and I know everyone is watching out for my son and making him feel accepted and successful as a student. Thank you CCS - your dedication is greatly appreciated!"

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