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Meet the Nguyen Family.

They joined the CCS family in 2015.

Hear why they recommend CCS.

We had known about CCS through family friends whose children attended, and had heard lots of good things over the years. When our daughter Quinn was in preschool, CCS was at the top of our list of schools to check out. We attended an open house, and immediately knew that CCS would be the right choice for our family. Wandering along the halls, we were impressed by the quality of the students’ work and felt at ease after receiving warm greetings from administrators and teachers. Upon hearing about the well-rounded curriculum and variety of activities offered, we knew that CCS would provide tremendous learning opportunities for our child, in a supportive and attentive environment.
Our daughter Quinn is now in second grade. Our family has experienced many special moments that speak to the high caliber education, nurturing, and resources provided by CCS to foster the academic and personal growth of their students: 
·        Quinn was so excited when she found out her class gets to go to the library AND the computer lab every week, and on the same day no less!
·        When we asked her who she plays with at recess, she said, “Everyone!”
·        Quinn always has a book in her backpack, and loves to read. Family storytime—where we take turns reading aloud—is a nightly ritual that she insists upon. 
·        She surprises us with her awareness of current events, history, science, and Chinese culture. From facts about weather phenomena to animals to holiday traditions, she always has something to share.
·        When we play pretend at home, Quinn’s stuffed animals have conversations and burst into song—in Mandarin.  
We are filled with gratitude to the administrators, teachers, and staff who helped create this joy for our family. We look forward to our continued journey with CCS! 

Andrea Wong and Tai Nguyen
(Parents of Quinn, grade 2)

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