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Meet the Kong Family.

They joined the CCS family in 2010.

Hear why they recommend CCS.

When looking for an elementary school in our area, we wanted a school with good academics and plenty of resources for kids to succeed, caring staff, culture and proximity.  Coastline Christian Schools filled all those needs for us.    

CCS is a caring community and Mr. Yue and the staff set a great example.  When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, Mr. Yue, Pastor Steve, Mr. Leung all made visits to my house to offer support and to provide me with any assistance with our two girls.  Teachers such as Ms. Lucia Leung and Ms. Wendy Law helped with various types of care for my family, whether it was a ride to swimming meets on Saturdays or care for the kids after school Friday (345PM) and before Youth Bible Church (7:30PM).  I was already blown away by their compassion, care and support.  

Another example of a caring teacher is Ms Tsui.  Ms. Tsui was and remains to this day, my daughter's hero for stepping in and helping her resolve a conflict. Prior to her involvement, she didn't want to go to school, but after Ms. Tsui stepped in, she was very happy. I could go on and on with more stories, but I don't ever worry about the care the staff gives to the kids.  

If you're looking for a school with plenty of academics and enrichment opportunities (Science Bowl, Math Olympics, Odyssey of the Mind, music, sports, etc) and caring staff, CCS is the school for you.  

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