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Meet Gabrielle James.

She's an alumni of Coastline Christian Schools.

Hear why she recommends CCS.

What do you love most about Coastline Christian Schools?

I love Coastline Christian Schools because it is not only a school but a family. Everyone supported me while I was attending and even as I continued on in high school.  I could always feel free to talk to my teachers about my life and ask them questions about school and homework even if I am not in their class or school anymore.  The teachers and administration have all been great role models to me in my life, just like family. 

What is one word that best describes the school?  Tell why you chose that word.

One word to describe CCS would have to be passionate. My teachers were always eager about what they taught and they really wanted us to learn. Teachers would use their own life experiences to get us to understand lessons. This passion was critical because it is what helps me remember my time at CCS. 

From your own experiences, why do you believe it was important for you to attend Coastline Christian Schools?

I believe that it was important for me to attend Coastline Christian Schools because it set me up for success. After attending CCS, I was more prepared for high school than some of my other peers who went to different schools. CCS not only helped me education wise but also prepared me to have a strong foundation in Christ and to have good character. 

How was faith and learning integrated at CCS?

Faith and learning were not separated at CCS. Having a teacher pray for me personally in small group or pray for the class each day in every class has had a big impact on my prayer life. Bible classes were helpful because during them teachers advanced my faith by answering my questions and teaching me more about God. I really learned about how faith applied to every aspect of my life during the weekly chapels.

In what ways did CCS prepare you for high school,

college, and life?

CCS prepared me for higher education because it fostered studying skills in my life. Courses at CCS were never too easy or too hard but continued to become more challenging as I grew. This meant that when I entered high school I was able to continue to advance because I had been prepared for the new challenges by the CCS curriculum. CCS has also prepared me for life because of key character traits I learned such as the ESLRs.  Being at CCS has made me a well rounded person because I was taught to develop myself spiritually, physically and emotionally.

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