December 5, 2018

When I was in high school, I absolutely loved being on sports teams.  The camaraderie built between my teammates and I on the court had a drastic improvement on our friendship off the court.  My teammates became my friends.  They became brothers.  They became family.  In high school, I was a part of the cross country team, the track team, and the volleyball team.  There was some overlap in my teammates.  We would participate i...

May 22, 2018

National tragedies and school shootings are becoming more and more frequent.  At this rate, I would not be surprised if soon, every day of the year is a reason to have our American flag flying at half mast.

Here's an article from the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) concerning talking to your children about school violence.  I hope that this article gives you a better understanding of how to shape your child'...

March 2, 2018

February 4th, 2018, is a day that will be remembered for a lifetime by millions of Philadelphia Eagles fans around the world, myself included. I grew up in Southern New Jersey across the bridge from Philly as such I cheered for Philadelphia teams, and one thing we as Eagles were very aware of our lack of a Super Bowl win. The team that won a few short weeks ago carried with them the weight of decades of disappointment and brok...

November 13, 2017

Writing wasn't my passion growing up.  It still isn't.  I still remember spending hours in front of my computer trying to write essay after essay (the distraction of internet didn't help either).  It felt like I would write for a few minutes and then enter a long portion of writer's block.  The process would repeat over and over again until I finished. 

Often times, I found myself short of the length require...

September 26, 2017

It is important that we define the difference between being rude, mean and bullying. Time and time again I have seen many students and children misinterpret at situation as bullying when in fact it was just a simple case of someone being mean or rude.  We must be careful when labeling anyone a bully but at the same time be quick to stop any bullying actions if after investigation that turns out to be the case.  Here is a great...

September 20, 2017

In today's culture many parents struggle with finding a good balance of technology usage within their children's lives. Everywhere we go people of all ages are glued to their phones, laptops, or whatever the latest and greatest smart device is out at the moment.  As parents we have to face that technology is embedded in our everyday lives, is here to stay and will continue to progress.  Part of our job as parents is to figure...

September 9, 2017

How to Help With Study Skills

Your child has a better chance of succeeding in college if he or she masters school survival skills now. I read this article from about how you can help your child get organized and learn to study effectively. I hope this article will help your get your child get on the right path of developing good study skills and set the foundation for academic success. 


August 30, 2017

When I was in elementary school, we had a yearly fundraiser in which each student was asked to sell Entertainment Books.  An Entertainment Book is basically a book full of coupons that the buyer can use at various stores.  With each book sold, CCS would get a margin of the sale.  As a student, that’s not what motivated me to sell books.  It was all about the prizes.  There were different levels of prize rewards.  You reached l...

August 19, 2017

Back to school shopping season is here and many deals are available to help your family save on all the required school supplies. We found these deals listed below on US and wanted to share with all of you so you may partake in the savings and deals while shopping for your children’s school supplies. I hope you find this helpful and I hope it helps keep a couple more dollars in your pocket.

July 12 – Sept. 25


July 28, 2017

I love playing sports.  When I was in high school, it was the one thing I always looked forward to.  It was a time where I could spend with my teammates and focus on something other than my schoolwork. Many feel it takes away from academics and that there will not enough time to do both.  Here are some reasons why participating in sports is beneficial for students.

  1. Exercise
    It seems pretty obvious, but we often fail to con...

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December 5, 2018

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