Our school is accredited by the Association for Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Whether students are in kindergarten, lower elementary, upper elementary or middle school, our goal is to cultivate in our students a love for God and each other. We equip our students spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially, and physically so they can serve God, their families, and their communities with compassion.

Our mission is to lovingly guide students to follow Jesus Christ  and to provide  a comprehensive and balanced Christian education that fosters innovation and builds resiliency.


CCS offers a full-day Kindergarten, providing:


  • Strong comprehensive academics through hands-on activities in a multi-sensory learning environment


  • Opportunities for each child to learn conflict resolution and life skills 


  • Daily interactive Bible lessons to learn about God through songs and stories and to learn valuable character traits


  • Biblical integration in all subjects, such as Science, Art, Math, Music and Physical Education


  • An introduction to technology and how to use technology properly

    • Special events that add to the fun and festivities:

    • Pumpkin Patch Trip

    • Oakland Zoo Trip

    • Library Trip

    • The 100 Days of Kindergarten celebration

    • Pen Pal Writing with 5th Grade buddies

Meet The Kindergarten Team


Mrs. Jenny Wong

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Kindergarten Teacher

Julie Gullman.jpg

Miss Julie Gullman

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Kindergarten Teacher


Mrs. Abby Wong

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Kindergarten Teacher Assistant


Mr. Brandon Leung

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Kindergarten Teacher Assistant

First Grade

In First Grade at CCS, teachers and families work together to support the whole child.  We build on the foundations learned in Kindergarten.  The children expand their outlook on life and strengthen their character.  


CCS First Grade offers opportunities to:

  • Develop a strong academic foundation and a love for learning

  • Cultivate independent thinkers

  • Embrace different cultures through their readings and school wide events

  • Model and encourage Christ-like behavior 


Special Events that add to the Fun and Festivities:

  • Hands-on projects and activities

  • International Day

  • Museum and theatre field trips

  • Service projects in the local community 

Meet The First Grade Team


Mrs. Dona Jeong

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First Grade Teacher


Mrs. Gloria Yiu

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First Grade Teacher Assistant


Miss Amanda Hungate

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First GradeTeacher


Mrs. Lisa Hum

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First Grade Teacher Assistant

Second Grade

In Second Grade at CCS, students continue in our strong academic culture but with even more emphasis on character development.  


Second grade students will:

  • learn to work independently.

  • learn to become critical thinkers, applying knowledge to real life.

  • show compassion to others outside their own world.

  • tell stories and discuss current events.


A second grade field trip and special events which add to the fun:

  • Academy of the Sciences

  • Story Time Marathon 

  • Pioneer Day

Meet The Second Grade Team


Mrs. Connie Wan

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Second Grade Teacher


Mr. Alex Au

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Second Grade Teacher


Mrs. Pamela Chen

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Second Grade Teacher Assistant

Third Grade

In Third Grade at CCS, students continue in our strong academic culture but with more emphasis on character development.  Third grade is a pivotal year for students during which they are capable of developing much more independence and deeper critical thinking skills.  


Third grade students will:

  • learn to apply problem-solving skills in group work.

  • continue to develop oral language skills.

  • write multi-paragraph essays.

  • learn to write in cursive

  • continue to build on technology skills.

  • in music: sing songs together, learn music theory and about famous composers, learn to play recorders.

  • in Mandarin, learn about and celebrate Chinese culture through songs, storytelling, writing projects, poems, holidays, and character writing

  • participate together in community and global service projects

  • P.E.: play cooperative games, do skill based activities, build teamwork and develop respect for others


Third grade field trip and special events which add to the fun:

  • A Pretend Sleepover

  • History Day

  • County Fair Day

  • Science and Art related field trips

Meet The Third Grade Team


Miss Sarah Trimble

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Third GradeTeacher


Mr. Elijah Lingad

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Third Grade Teacher

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is an exciting time of change and growth.  We focus on leading our students to be independent learners in preparation for Middle School.  


Fourth grade students will:

  • Develop and practice social emotional skills 

  • Play cooperatively, building teamwork and respect for each other

  • Learn to prioritize and manage their schedule

  • Be critical and analytical readers and writers  

  • Learn to become creative and intelligent problem-solvers and practice scientific and engineering principles

  • Learn to play a recorder and introduce to music theory and famous composers, play simple instruments to learn about rhythm and sounds

  • Continue to learn technological skills and coding


Fourth grade field trip and special events which add to the fun:

  • Oakland Zoo - connecting classroom teaching to real world observations

  • Oakland Museum- hands-on environmental science activities


The highlight of the fourth grade year is our 3 day, 2 night camping trip to Coloma Outdoor Discovery School.  It is here that the students get to live the life of the 49ers during the Gold Rush.  This outdoor educational program is unparalleled in its ability to make history come alive!  The students make a personal connection with the facts they have read about by experiencing some of the activities of the gold miners (ie. gold panning, bartering, building a shelter).

Meet The Fourth Grade Team


Mrs. Ginger Yee

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Fourth Grade Teacher


Miss Victoria Lai

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Fourth Grade Teacher

Fifth Grade

At CCS, 5th grade is an exciting experience. Students will engage their minds through rigorous academic experiences and trips. We strive to maintain a learning environment that allows for a flourishing, independent mind.  


Fifth grade students will:

  • practice leadership skills and cooperation in group projects

  • apply oral skills to give speeches and begin preparing to debate.

  • incorporate the use of technology into projects 


Fifth grade field trips and special events which add to the fun:

  • Walk Through the American Revolution, an exciting living history event

  • Field trips to museums, plays, and science centers

  • Teaming-up with Kindergarten to write pen pal letters

  • Graduation ceremony 

  • Graduation field trip, giving students their final send-off into Middle School.

Meet The Fifth Grade Team


Miss Megan Hurtz

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Fifth Grade Teacher


Mrs. Jean Abbett

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Fifth Grade Teacher

Elementary Mandarin

Mandarin is a compulsory subject for all students in Kindergarten to 8th grade. The program is designed to help students build a solid foundation in learning Chinese language and culture.  With the four components in learning a language: listening, speaking, reading and writing,  elementary grades focus more on listening and speaking. When students are in middle school, the curriculum will build on reading and writing skills that are learned in elementary.  The goal of the middle school program is to prepare students with a strong foundation for high school Mandarin program. All students will graduate with Mandarin 1A, 1B or Mandarin 2 when they complete 8th grade. The three tracks of Mandarin are offered at the same time in the school schedule. Students are placed by level based on their language background and skill levels. Not only will students learn the essential knowledge and skills in the classroom, they are given opportunities to practice their language skills outside the classroom.  Students perform Mandarin songs, recite Bible verses and skits in various school events. Students have the opportunity to participate in the Chinese Language Teacher’s Association of California (CLTAC) speech contest to enrich their public speaking experience.

Meet The Mandarin Team


Mrs. Lucia Leung

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Kindergarten, 3rd, 7th Grade Mandarin Teacher


Mrs. Catherine Tan

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1st, 2nd, and 6th Grade

Mandarin Teacher


Mrs. Sunny Guo

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4th, 5th, and 8th Grade

Mandarin Teacher

Elementary Science

At CCS, we provide:

  • Inquiry-based curriculum that promotes higher order thinking. Students learn science by doing science. 

  • Biblical integration teaching that helps students gain strong foundations at an early age.

  • High academic standards so students are prepared for success in later stages of their education.

  • Engaging field trips to Chabot Space and Science Center, Lindsey Wildlife Museum, Lawrence Hall of Science, Davis Street Recycling Center, Oakland Zoo, and more.

Elementary PE and Technology

Physical Education

Not only is it important to have strong academics, 

but it is just as important to learn physical disciplines 

to strengthen the body.  In that light, 

Physical Education at Coastline Christian is required 

for every grade beginning with coordination skills 

in the lower elementary grades and progressing to 

fine-tuned skills necessary for sports teams.

  •  Develop big muscle groups

  •  Learn teamwork 

  •  Practice good sportsmanship

  •  Develop motor skills

Meet The Team


Mr. Clarence Poon

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Elementary Physical Education Teacher


Mr. Stephen Yuen

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Elementary Computers Teacher


Mrs. Ellen Li

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Elementary Science Teacher