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Meet Brandon Leung.

He's an alumni of Coastline Christian Schools.

Hear why he recommends CCS.

What do you love most about Coastline Christian Schools?

 I really love how at Coastline Christian Schools, the relationship between teachers and students is very closely knit. As a student, it was easy to talk to teachers, and become friends with them as well. Teachers poured a lot of attention to each and every student, and allowed them to learn in ways that fit for each student; and would go out of their ways to help the student academically and spiritually. 

What is one word that best describes the school?  Tell why you chose that word.

 FAMILY. Growing up at CCS since Kindergarten, I expected to grow weary of being at the same school for 9 years, and that was what happened halfway through. However, I learned to appreciate and grew closer to many teachers and other students and I would consider CCS my second home as I spent countless days on campus even past regular school hours. I experienced the closeness between teachers and students, the rigor of academics, and fun activities shared among students that public schools would not have been able to offer me, and I understood the pride behind staying at CCS all 9 years of schooling. 

From your own experiences, why do you believe it was important for you to attend CoastlineChristian Schools?

It was important to attend Coastline Christian Schools because of the affiliation it had with the Church (also because that was the Church I attended all my life before moving to college!) I was able to be exposed to the Christian faith and various aspects of it through Bible class, Chapel, and teacher's influence. Coastline Christian Schools was a stepping stone for me to really figure out my own identity and what was most important in life for me. 

How was faith and learning integrated at CCS?

Faith was integrated at CCS by providing Bible class as well as weekly Chapels as the years progressed. Teachers also influence students in that the Christian faith is highly encouraged, and in elementary school, teachers would pull aside students and explain a shortened version of the Gospel and ask if this was something he or she would want to believe in. Learning was integrated at CCS through academics and interactions between teachers and students.

In what ways did CCS prepare you for high school,

college, and life?

CCS prepared me for high school and college in that the rigor and workload in academics grew as the years progressed. As stressful and tiresome as that became, that allowed me to be at ease my first two years of college because I did not think the workload was as tough, and academics were much easier in comprehension and completion. In life, CCS prepared me with an understanding to appreciate everything that I go through, and to be content with everything that I have.  I was not only taught academics, but leadership, discipline, and patience in dealing with different people. 

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