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Meet Arseama.

She's a fifth grader at Coastline Christian Schools.

Hear why she recommends CCS.

What do you love most about Coastline Christian Schools?

I love all the fun things we do at school such as the games we get to play during PE.

Describe one of your favorite teachers and tell why he/she is a favorite.  What impact has this teacher had on your life?

Miss Lo is one of my favorites because she was the first teacher that taught me to sing in Kindergarten.

What is one word that best describes the school?  Tell why you chose that word.

I would choose 'wonderful' because of all the wonderful things we do at the school.  All the things we learned will help us in the future.

What is something you learned during your time at Coastline Christian Schools?

We learned that violence is never the answer.  There are other ways that we can respond to things we dislike.

What would you tell another student, who goes to another school, to encourage them to consider Coastline Christian Schools?

I would tell them that they should really come to CCS because we learn a lot of important things and we also balance it with having fun.

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